Colour Light Healing

(save $25)
  • restore health, vitality and balance
  • clear physical and emotional pain
  • enhance performance and learning

Colour Light Therapy is a healing modality that uses coloured light on the body to balance and create flow, enabling the body to heal itself.

It is an emerging (though ancient) field that many have found very effective, even when nothing else has worked.

Samassati Colour Light Therapy

Colour Light Therapy is not limited to any specific pain, illness or disease. It is suitable for any age and can be used for both chronic and acute situations.

It can have profound effects, even though it is gentle, safe, and non-invasive. It is about creating flow and balance within the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your being. Not only does this lead to the healing of pain, illness and disease, but it can also help you to rediscover strength, connection, freedom, integrity, joy, ease and other facets of wellbeing.

Colour Light Therapy is well known and respected in areas of Europe, UK, US and Canada. There is a rapidly growing number of research studies demonstrating the powerful healing effects of light and colour on the body.

With Samassati I use a light source through coloured crystaline filters to direct light onto acupuncture points, meridians and zones of the body.

I love to help people heal and regain the joy of life by applying light and colour with the Lumalight and other methodologies.

Experience it for yourself with the special offer of Initial consultation for $75, save $25. Subsequent treatments are $60-$100 depending on the time period required.

To find out more about the use of light therapeutically, please see the links page.

Bookings & Enquiries

Please contact me via any of the following:

I am based in Warrandyte (a north-easten suburb of Melbourne).

Gift certificates are available.

Please wear thin light-coloured clothing for Samassati sessions if possible.